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Beyond That

On Beyond That, Meg Hutchinson teams up with her long-time producer Crit Harmon for her most experimental and intricate production to date. Picking up where 2010's The Living Side left off, Meg's poetic lyrics reflect a desire to unplug from an over-connected world, and find a deep, inner-peace. The resulting record is at once ecstatic and meditative, reminiscent of David Gray's White Ladder where revelatory lyrics combine with a fresh contemporary production. "We live in the desire realm," Hutchinson says. "If we look closely at our lives we see that all our senses are constantly hungry. We are addicted to information, to success, to consumption. I see this as a major cultural illness right now. We are always sure that there is something better, a better spouse, a better job, a bigger house. What we keep forgetting is that none of this pursuit is bringing us any closer to happiness." With Beyond That, Meg Hutchinson delivers a stunning album about coming home, transforming desire, and how human love can open the heart for some greater purpose.


Beyond That

Meg Hutchinson

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Track Listing

Beyond That
Only Just Begun
Making You A Place
Yellow Room
Let's Go
When The Lights Went Down
Turned To You
Everything More Beautiful
Epilogue Paradiso