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Ansel Adams Soundtrack

The Ric Burns documentary Ansel Adams captures the life, artistry, and uniqueness of world-renowned photographer Ansel Adams. Composed by 10-time Emmy-winning composer Brian Keane, the Ansel Adams Soundtrack evokes a mood that perfectly fits this film. The vast American wilderness captured by Adams is visualized through Keane’s calm and inspiring classical piano and orchestral arrangements. These classical compositions are infused with tenderness and western motifs, beginning with the opening piece “Benedicition,” which incorporates the sound of the ocean with a solo keyboard melody; from there, the score expands to vast orchestral renditions, before winding down with the simplistic beauty of the closing Bach piece, “Prelude and Fugue, for Keyboard No. 1 in C Major,” performed by Ansel Adams himself.

Ansel Adams Soundtrack

Brian Keane

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Track Listing

Benediction Piano (Keane)
Benediction Orchestral (Keane)
Cowboy Song (Keane)
Marias River Breakdown (Aaberg)
American Open (Keane)
To The Summit (Keane)
Starting Out (Keane)
Sky (Stramp)
Searching (Keane)
American Open Piano (Keane)
Ansel's Theme (Keane)
Benediction Piano Reprise (Keane)
High Sierra (Burns/Keane)
Bach Prelude (Bach) (1)
American Open Reprise (Keane)
Benediction Orchestral Reprise (Keane)
Bach Prelude (Bach) (2)