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Above the Prairie

ABOVE THE PRAIRIE...the fifth album to date from Iowa-born, Minnesota-based indie-folk group The Pines...arrives like a harvest moon over the Great Plains, a sonic palette stretching from the hard ground to the bright stars. The follow-up to 2012’s critically-acclaimed Dark So Gold, the album’s distinctly Midwestern texture and song sensibility present 10 new originals exhibiting the lyrical richness, sweeping instrumentals, and darkly beautiful collaborations that have won the band fans worldwide.  

Recorded in Iowa and St. Paul, MN, Above the Prairie explores the space between the vastness of the plains and the interstellar world, exploring the isolated farms and small towns of the prairie and the dignity of those who choose to remain. A highlight is a haunting guest appearance by Native American legend JOHN TRUDELL. Written and recorded in a matt er of weeks, Above the Prairie is a journey from the “Aerial Ocean” to the hidden places “Where Something Wild Grows,” from “Villisca” and “Lost Nation” all the way to “Sleepy Hollow.” With a beauty equally ominous and tender, The Pines have provided a sonic backdrop to the thin veil that separates our home on the land and our home in the cosmos.

Vinyl LP comes with download card for High-quality MP3s of Above the Prairie.

Above the Prairie

The Pines

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Track Listing

Aerial Ocean
There in Spirit
Lost Nation
Hanging From the Earth
Where Something Wild Still Grows
Sleepy Hollow
Come What Is
Time Dreams feat. John Trudell & Quiltman