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A Silent Song

World-renowned folk troubadour Archie Fisher returns with A Silent Song, his 3rd album on Red House Records, and a masterwork from a master balladeer whose introspective songs continue to evoke the Scottish Borderlands. 

Recorded in the Catskills and mixed in Minneapolis, A Silent Song finds Fisher’s voice as elegant and expressive as ever on these new tracks ranging from historical favorites to originals. 

“An album is often said to be a snapshot in time of the artist’s repertoire but in this case there has been a bit of time travel with these songs,” Fisher says. “They range from revived historical favorites like ‘Mary Ann and Bonnie Annie Laurie’ to nearly fresh-off-the-page compositions such as ‘River Like  You’ and ‘The Gifts’ by talented songwriters I admire. They are interspersed with my own personal statements of affection and feelings of loss with ‘Half  The World Away’ and ‘You Took The Day.’” 


“Songs, whether they be my own or that of my fellow songsmiths or the unknown bards of the tradition, become very dear friends, worthy of respect in their own right,” Fisher says. “Once written and sung they have an existence of their own and will travel through many other performances.  I hope that The Silent Song will be heard, and find many new voices.”

A Silent Song

Archie Fisher

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Track Listing

Waltz into Winter
Bonnie Annie Laurie
Half the World Away
Lass from the Low Country
Lord of the May
Mary Ann
No Way to Treat a Friend
A River Like You
Song for a Friend
The Gifts
You Took the Day
The Parting Glass