The Connachtman's Rambles

The Connachtman's Rambles, the first solo album from the legendary Galway accordion player Martin O'Connor, highlights his innovative musical approach and incredible technique. Joining O'Connor to create an album that sets new standards for accordion playing are the talents of Donal Lunny, Gerry O'Beirne, and Colm Murphy.

The Connachtman's Rambles

Martin O'Connor

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Track Listing

The Jolly Tinker (Reel) Buy
Munster Buttermilk/Port An Bhrather (Jigs) Buy
Polkas Buy
Hornpipe Buy
A Stoir Mo Chroi (Slow Air) Buy
Mother's Delight/The College Groves/Jennie's Chickens (Reels) Buy
Ril Gan Anim/Jenny Picking Cockles (Reels) Buy
Larry O'Gaff/The Castletown Connors (Jigs) Buy
Lord Gordon's/The Chicago Reel (Reels) Buy
The Connachtman's Rambles/My Darling Asleep (Jigs) Buy
Mo Giolla Mear (Air) Buy
Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part/Delaney's Drummers (Jigs) Buy