Chilean traditional music septet Inti-Illimani have spent the last 30 years mixing together South American folk styles and a human-rights oriented political agenda. Taking on the largely string-oriented folk music of the Andes Mountains, Inti-Illimani surround their often unison Spanish vocals with rainstorms of guitars, charangos, ronrocos, and guitarrons. In doing so, the group celebrates the everydayness of Andean music and culture--striking a chord of solidarity with global folk cultural struggles.

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Track Listing

Takoma Buy
Wititis/La Banda De Pena Herrera Buy
Recuerdos De Kalahuayo Buy
Arpa Peruana Buy
Yamor Buy
Tonada Triste Buy
Sikuriadas Buy
Yendo Y Viniendo Buy
Quiaquenita Buy
Salake Buy