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Traditional Music of Scotland

Traditional Music of Scotland (instrumental and vocal) Celtic traditional music from the Scottish branch, featuring some of the country’s most celebrated musicians performing great tunes by countrymen Robert Burns and others.

Celtophile provides a grand introduction to the breadth and depth of Celtic music in Ireland, Scotland and Britain. This particular collection, features the Tannahill Weavers, Capercaillie and Old Blind Dogs, among others is a strong one, with some muscular performances. ~ All Music Guide

  1. Andy M. Stewart and Mánus Lunny - Tae the Weaver’s Gin Ye Go
  2. The Tannahill Weavers - The Carls o’ Dysart
  3. The Tannahill Weavers - The Log Splitter Set (Caradale Bay/The Log Splitter/Calibachan/Drochaid Luideach)
  4. Capercaillie - Iain Ghlinn’ Cuaich
  5. Wolfstone – Ballavanich (The Boys from Ballavanich/Mrs. Crehan’s)
  6. Old Blind Dogs - A Wild Rumpus
  7. Simon Thoumire Three - Jim’s Jig/The Snuff White/Eileen MacDonald
  8. John Cunningham - Archibald McDonald of Keppoch
  9. The Tannahill Weavers - Are Ye Sleeping Maggie?/The Noose and the Ghillie
    Relativity - The Hut on Staffin Island/Sandy MacLeod of Garafad/The Soft Horse Reel
  10. Capercaillle - Puirt A Beul/Snug in a Blanket
  11. Andy M. Stewart - Land o’ the Leal

Traditional Music of Scotland

Various Artists

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Track Listing

Tae the Weaver’s Gin Ye Go
The Carls o’ Dysart
The Log Splitter Set
Iain Ghlinn’ Cuaich
A Wild Rumpus
Jim’s Jig / The Snuff White / Eileen MacDonald
Archibald McDonald of Keppoch
Are Ye Sleeping Maggie?/ The Noose and the Ghillie
The Hut on Staffin Island/ Sandy MacLeod of Garafad / The Soft Horse Reel
Puirt A Beul/Snug in a Blanket
Land o’ the Leal