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The Moscow Hold & Other Stories

Vagabond historian-storyteller Utah Phillips has done it again. With The Moscow Hold and Other Stories he invites us in for another dose of his delightfully irreverent and radically hilarious stories. Almost a 'best of' Utah Phillips the cuts for the album were selected from over 20 years of live recordings. The album highlights some of best tall tales Phillips has to offer. On it he pokes fun at corporate America, New Agers, Zen acupuncture, hard work and the Tibetan ruling class in exile. He is, as always, insightful, absurd, hilarious, compassionate and moving, all at the same time.

"Phillips is a consummate showman, a master of the theater of folk music...a genius for making people laugh and care at the same time." —Boston Globe

The Moscow Hold & Other Stories

U. Utah Phillips

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Track Listing

Moose Call (-Railroading On the Great Divide)
Will Rogers
Egg Sittin' Horse
Job Action
Shark Fishing
Oliver and the Fork
Ant Language
Natural Resources
The Moscow Hold
Blackie's Fridge
Oliver's Outhouse
How I Became a Buddist