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Loafer's Glory

Know the difference between a hobo, vagabond, and a bum? You'll learn in this celebration of stories, humor , and songs about life on the road. Backed by IWW companero, Mark Ross, Utah's audacious wit and humor soar!

Loafer's Glory

U. Utah Phillips

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Track Listing

Loafer's Glory-Nothin' To Do But Go
Bessie-Look For Me In Butte
Moffit Tunnel-Walking Through Your Town In The Snow
All Used Up-Story
Gaffing-The Last Ride
Heroes-Jesse James' Farewell Blues
Budgie Lore
Fly Away-Syracuse
Gordon Vales-Shadowmaker
Aces, Straights and Flushes-Country Music
Blackie and the Duck
He Comes Like Rain-The Sheep and the Goats
Hood River Blackie
Disenchantment-Loafer's Glory-The Whistle in the Night