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Trian II

In the incredibly rich and fertile world of Celtic music, three names stand out as being at the very pinnacle of the genre. Playing under the name Trian, fiddler Liz Carroll, accordionist Billy McComiskey, and guitarist/singer Daithi Sproule already established their legendary status with their first album. Trian II, their incredible follow-up recording, is also their Green Linnet debut, and you may never have heard anything as captivating, as intricately played, and as uplifting as the music which Trian creates. Sproule (also a member of Altan) is at the very top of his form, delivering four songs (one in Irish) as no one else can, and accompanying his bandmates with all the subtleties and shadings for which he is known and imitated. Carroll and McComiskey, both as soloists and in tandem, are simply without equal as players and tunesmiths, and they prove over and over again on this album that they can do it all. The album is further enhanced by the presence of special guest Triona Ni Dhomhnaill. We believe that there is no better trio in Celtic music today than Trian, and we know you’ll believe it as well once you feast your ears on Trian II.

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Track Listing

The Little Man With The Brown Shoes/Ducks In A Row/The Buttefly Reel/Pauline Conneely's
I Once Knew A Little Girl
Ohm's Law/Eleanor Neary's/Poor Timing
The Humors Of Ballyconnell/Reel Éboulement/Richie Dwyer's
The Lurgy Streams
The Air Tune/The Cliff Dwellers/Cutting The Waves
The Music Book/Béla Bartók's Highland
Westland/King Robert The Bruce
The Death Of Queen Jane
The Poor Man's Fortune/The Fiddler's Key/The Blessings Of Silver
Úrchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte
Rathlodran Castle/The Fergus Reel/Martin Wynne's