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The Best of the Bothy Band

The album by which all others must be judged, from the group that changed the face of Irish traditional music. Here are the rocking, powerful, rhythmic arrangements of traditional tunes on uilleann pipes, fiddle, flute, bouzouki, clavinet, and guitar. Includes "Fionnghuala," the breathtaking unaccompanied Hebridean chant, and the greatest tracks compiled from The Bothy Band's legendary albums.


"A truly great band - innovative, hard driving, committed and wise! I envy you the joy of hearing their music for the first time."
-Come for to Sing

"...together they took jazz chords, Gaelic-language songs, taut instrumental interplay, and a deep sense of their shared Celtic past and created a body of music that still shines ... This was one of the greatest of all bands; get this album and learn how much we lost when its brief career ended."
-Emily Friedman, Chicago Magazine

The Best of the Bothy Band

The Bothy Band

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Track Listing

The Salamanca/The Banshee/The Sailor’s Bonnet (Reels)
Pretty Peg/Craig’s Pipes (Song And Reel)
The Blackbird (Air, Set Dance And Reel)
The Maids Of Mitchelstown (Reel)
Casadh An tSúgáin (Song)
Music In The Glen/The Humours Of Scariff/The Otter’s Holt (Reels)
Fionnghuala (Song)
Old Hag You Have Killed Me (Jig)
Do You Love An Apple? (Song)
Rip the Calico: Leitrim Fancy/Round The World For The Sport/Rip The Calico/Martin Wynne’s/The Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land (Jig And Reels)
The Death Of Queen Jane (Song)
The Green Groves Of Erin/The Flowers Of Red Hill (Reels)