Wherever Yet May Be

Celebrating their 18th year as a band, Scotland’s Old Blind Dogs continue to distinguish themselves as vital, innovative ambassadors of traditional music. Subtly and ingeniously expanding upon the very traditions that they celebrate, they harness the resonance and timeless themes of British Isles roots music (the songs and tunes of their native Scotland in particular) and weld them to new rhythmic frameworks, dynamic arcs, and textural expanses, producing a uniquely identifiable sound that reflects the rich heritage of their forefathers yet comes across as resoundingly fresh and immediate.

Wherever Yet May Be is their tenth studio album and was recorded at Gran's House Studio in Lamington, Scotland, and is the first Dogs recording to feature piper Ali Hutton, who joined in autumn 2008.  The CD includes six new songs, a mixture of traditional and contemporary, and penned by the likes of Davy Steele and Andy M. Stewart. The six new tune sets also include new compositions from Ali as well as traditional tunes and contemporary melodies from the repertoires of Gordon Duncan, Fred Morrison and Jamie Smith among others.

Wherever Yet May Be

Old Blind Dogs

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St. Kilda Buy
Lough Erne's Shore Buy
Psychopomps Buy
Scotland Yet Buy
Portobello Buy
Copper Kettle Buy
Sir Steve Huska of Bryce Canyon Buy
Broken Ring Buy
Room with a View Buy
Banks of the Nile Buy
Where Are You? Buy
Desperate Fishwives Buy