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Midnight Well

Formed in the mid 1970’s by Irish-American singer-songwriter Thom Moore, Midnight Well was composed of Moore, vocalist Janie Cribbs, guitarist Gerry O’Beirne (The Waterboys, Sharon Shannon Band, Patrick Street) and button accordionist Martin O’Connor (Boys of the Lough, De Danann). Midnight Well was similar to Moore’s earlier group, Pumpkinhead, in that they also combined Irish traditional music with country, rock, and folkloric influences from all over the world. Midnight Well’s unique sound is created by the variety of O’Beirne’s guitar styles, Moore and Cribbs’ vocal harmonies, and O’Connor’s wistful accordion work.

Originally released in 1977 on Mulligan Records, Midnight Well was the first and only release from the band and has become a cult classic in Irish music circles. Midnight Well features guest musicians Paul Barrett (trombone), Greg Boland (acoustic guitar), Fran Breen (drums, percussion), Robbie Brennan (percussion), Kevin Burke (fiddle), Shaun Davey (string machine), Keith Donald (sax), Pat Farrell (electric guitar), Garvan Gallagher (electric bass), Jolyon Jackson (piano, cello), Donal Lunny (bouzouki, fiddle, bodhran), Brian Masterson (electric bass), Dave McAmaney (piano) and Ciaran O’Braonain (double bass). Produced by Shaun Davey (who would later become known for his compositions for pipes and classical orchestra).

Midnight Well

Midnight Well

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Track Listing

Still Believing
Saw You Running
Make Yourself at Home (Lullabye for a Wayward Husband)
Jesse's Friend
Soldier On
Wheel of Fortune
Rosy Painted Barge
Nicky's Song
The Mighty Turk
Low, Low Nothern Moon