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These Ole Blues  – Single

“These Ole Blues," was recorded at Compass Sound Studio and features Danny Paisley on duet vocals together with members of Raines' touring band Allegheny and guest fiddlers Darol Anger and Shad Cobb.

Raines says that it was a long standing dream to record wtih bluegrass icon Paisley whom she grew up listening to as a child in West Virgina. “Danny was a natural choice for this song because he has an edge and a soulfulness to his voice that cuts deep, and because his voice defines a lot of what bluegrass singing is to me. He belts line after line with seeming abandon all the while reminding you that he is in complete control. Danny’s voice and his sound are a part of the soundtrack of my earliest influences.”

Paisley adds: “Singing and playing with Missy has always been a dream of mine ever since her days back in the Shenandoah Valley where we’d all play gigs together. “These Ole Blues'' is a powerful song, with high tenor vocals and triple fiddles! It’s a bluegrass classic!”

Raines version of “These Ole Blues” is a grooving shuffle with a driving backbeat, propelled by Raines’ upright bass, the entire band pushing and pulling on the beat in a way that’s the hallmark of the best bluegrass. Rounding out the track are the triple fiddles of Darol Anger, Shad Cobb and Ellie Hakanson as well as the other members of Raines’ touring outfit Allegheny: Tristan Scroggins (mandolin), Eli Gilbert (banjo) and Ben Garnett (guitar).

These Ole Blues – Single

Missy Raines

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These Ole Blues