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Steel Rails

With: Tina Adair, Dale Ann Bradley, Alison Brown, Becky Buller, Stuart Duncan, Jenni Lyn Gardner, Steve Gulley, Sierra Hull, Kimber Ludiker, Bryan McDowell, Missy Raines, Molly Tuttle, Jeanette Williams, Celia Woodsmith

"Louisa has really given us a legacy of train songs that is a substantial contribution to our genre. But beyond this, she writes songs that beckon you, like a warm comfy room that you want to linger in. She invites us to experience rural living, love, and the magic of life—especially as carried by trains—through fresh eyes, but the eyes of survival, and from it, wisdom. I consider it a great honor to get to work with her.” —Missy Raines

"'Steel Rails' was one of my favorite songs to sing as a girl. I fell in love with the song and the imagery it instantly brings to mind. To be a part of this project all these years later with Louisa is such an honor." —Sierra Hull



Steel Rails

Louisa Branscomb

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Steel Rails