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Liz Carroll

This recording from 1988 features over twenty original tunes by Liz Carroll. Included here are "Out on the Road", "Lacey's Jig", "Mrs. Carroll's Strathspey", "The Wee Dollop" and "The Road to Recovery". Liz is accompanied on guitar by Dáithí Sproule.

Liz Carroll

Liz Carroll

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Track Listing

Reel Beatrice/The Abby Reel
Out On The Road/Princess Nancy
For Eugene/Gravity Hill
Clarke's Favorite/Pigeon On The Gate
Tune For Mairead & Anna Ni Mhaonaigh
Two Polkas: Sock In The Hole/The Hole In The Sock
Mrs. Carroll's Strathspey/Chapter 16
Helicopters/Crossing The Delaware
The Sister's Reel/Wynding The Hay
Lacey's Sig/A Tune For Charles/The Geese In The Bog
The Par Cark/Baiting The Hook/The Jumping White Nut Eater
Greenleaf Strathspey/The Setting Sun
Two Slip Jigs: The Wee Dollop/The Houseboat
G-Reel/Merle's Tune
The Western Reel/The Road To Recovery