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Songs from the Gutter

"Songs from the bargain bin of the psyche,” is how Thea Gilmore describes her fifth release, a 2 disc set. One CD consists of brand new material she possibly never meant to release, along with Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Clash covers, and the second CD is a generous eleven-track collection of rare or unreleased material from as far back as 1996. Songs From The Gutter stands as glowing testimony to an immensely talented young writer and performer.

Songs from the Gutter

Thea Gilmore

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Track Listing

Down to Nowhere Buy
When Did You Get So Safe? Buy
Tear it All Down Buy
The Dirt is Your Lover Now Buy
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine Buy
Lip Reading Buy
Heart String Blues Buy
Mud on My Shoes Buy
Water to Sky Buy
And We'll Dance Buy
Cover Me Buy
I'm Not Done Buy
Hydrogen Buy
Beelzebub Buy
Maybe Buy
Red Farm Buy
Brittle Dreams Buy
December in New York Buy
Gun Cotton Buy
Don't Set Foot Over the Railway Track Buy
Lavender Cowgirl Buy
You Tell Me Buy
Straight Lines Buy