So Dark You See

John Gorka has always been one of the premier songwriters in folk music and with So Dark You See, he offers up yet another masterpiece. The record is powerful, vibrant, intelligent and tender. The 16 tracks dazzle with a freshness that appeals to a broad spectrum of fans yet holds to that classic Gorka sound making this one of his strongest recordings of his career.

So Dark You See

John Gorka

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Track Listing

A Fond Kiss Buy
Whole Wide World Buy
Can’t Get Over It Buy
Fret One Buy
Ignorance & Privilege Buy
Utah Buy
I Think of You Buy
Where No Monuments Stand Buy
Night into Day Buy
Fret Not Buy
Live by the Sword Buy
Trouble in Mind Buy
The Dutchman Buy
Mr. Chambers Buy
That Was the Year Buy
Diminishing Winds Buy