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So Far: The Eileen Ivers Collection

Eileen Ivers is an Irish American treasure. Among the foremost fiddlers of her generation, she has expanded the boundaries of traditional Celtic music throughout her illustrious career: From her early solo recordings under the tutelage of masters Martin Mulvihill and Mick Moloney, through participation in some of the country’s most significant Irish traditional groups (including Green Fields of America and Cherish the Ladies), on to her mature genre-stretching solo career and featured role in the international phenomenon Riverdance. The Eileen Ivers Collection tracks the evolution of this artist, a stunning musical document of Eileen Iver’s journey ... So Far.

Features performances with: Mick Moloney (guitar); Seamus Egan (flute); John Whelan (button accordion); Davy Spillane (pipes). 

So Far: The Eileen Ivers Collection

Eileen Ivers

CD $15.00

Track Listing

The Kerryman's Daughter/Lord Gordon's
The Orphan/Paul Montague's
The Red-Haired Lass/Paddy O'Brien's/The Scholar
Lorraine's Waltz
Sean Coughlan's/Gan Ainm/Sean Coughlan's
The Noisy Curlew/Farewell To Erin (Live)
Flowing Tide/Crock Of Gold/Julia Delaney's
Humours Of Ballyloughlin/Knocknagow
Pachelbel's Frolics
On Horseback
The Rights Of Man
Lament For Staker Wallace
The Harvest