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A Winter's Eve: Acoustic Music for the Winter Season

An elegant collection of acoustic music that evokes the spirit of the winter season. Drawing from bluegrass, new age, Celtic, and Americana themes, A Winter’s Eve creates a soundtrack for the season which is both uplifting and reflective.

Join the members of the Alison Brown Quartet, NewGrange, and vocalists Andrea Zonn and Pierce Pettis as they paint a sonic portrait that commemorates of the passing of the old year and the welcoming of the new.

Track Listing:

1. Carol Of Kings (Alison Brown Quartet)
2. Miriam (Pierce Pettis)
3. New Night Dawning (Andrea Zonn)
4. Greensleeves (NewGrange)
5. Poe’s Pickin’ Party (Alison Brown)
6. Christmas Lullabye (John R. Burr)
7. Absalom, Absalom (Pierce Pettis)
8. Christmas Eve (NewGrange)
9. While Roving On A Winter’s Night (Andrea Zonn)
10. Snow At Waterloo (John R. Burr)
11. Rise From The Runs (Pierce Pettis)
12. The Promise Of Spring (Alison Brown Quartet)

A Winter's Eve: Acoustic Music for the Winter Season

Various Artists

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Track Listing

Carol of the Kings
New Night Dawning
Poe's Pickin' Party
Christmas Lullaby
Absalom, Absalom
Christmas Eve
While Roving on a Winter's Night
Snow at Waterloo
Rise from the Ruins
The Promise of Spring