The Sun Sessions

On The Sun Sessions, not only does Dale Watson evoke an era, but he revives it to the point that it seems that it never faded. Embodying the early recordings of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Carl Perkins brewed with his signature Texas juke joint cool, Dale Watson is what country is, was and should always be. Recorded at the fabled Sun Studios in Memphis, TN, The Sun Sessions is an album that deserves the label of "instant classic." Backed by The Texas Two, these 14 original tracks turn love, heartache and the unsung heros of our everyday lives into legend.

The Sun Sessions

Dale Watson

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Track Listing

Down Down Down Down Down Buy
Jonny at the Door Buy
Drive Drive Drive Buy
Elbow Grease, Spackle and Pine Sol Buy
Gothenburg Train Buy
The Hand of Jesus Buy
My Baby Make Me Gravy Buy
Her Love Buy
Ponder Why I Ponder Why Buy
George O'Dwyer Buy
I've Done That Before Buy
Big Daddy Buy
If You Know What's Good For You Buy
Lord, I'm Free Buy