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"I’ve always had two big phobias -- keyboards and hairdressers. This is the album where I’ve overcome my fear of keyboards..." - Thea Gilmore

The beguiling follow-up to her last album, the cult hit Rules For Jokers, Avalanche continues young Brit Thea Gilmore’s growth as a songwriter and performer. Her rapid-fire wordplay has matured, becoming more graceful, focused, and vivid in the process, while the music is more textured and evocative. Disarmingly literate, deceptively tender, and elegantly forceful, Thea Gilmore remains the most powerful young songwriter in the UK.

Already basking in critical acclaim in the UK, Avalanche marks Gilmore’s most mature, elegant set yet. Without losing her lyrical and vocal edge, Gilmore enriches her sound with a newfound grace -- making the music at once more lilting and more sinister.


"At a time when America is hurling fey singer songwriters at us at a dime-a-dozen, the glory of Gilmore is ever more of Britain’s most potent lyricists, but with producer Nigel Stonier also turning in a matchwinning performance, Avalanche nudges her into a new recording arena entirely. **** " -- Colin Irwin, MOJO


Thea Gilmore

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Track Listing

Rags and Bones
Have You Heard
Juliet (Keep That in Mind)
Pirate Moon
Apparition #13
Razor Valentine
God Knows
Heads Will Roll
Eight Months
The Cracks