Man @ Work

As frontman and principal songwriter for the smash group Men at Work, Colin Hay secured a place in pop music’s parthenon with a series of melodically infectious, invigorating singles marked by Hay’s instantly recognizable voice and perceptive, witty lyrics.

Man @ Work introduces the Hay of today: his voice aged to a warm, burnished tenor, his wits and musical acumen still sharp. Over the course of bittersweet new songs, revamped versions of solo favorites, and surprising, stripped-down versions of Men at Work classics, Hay reasserts himself as one of pop music’s most distinct and likable craftsmen.

Man @ Work

Colin Hay

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Track Listing

Beautiful World (Alternate Mix) Buy
Down Under (Acoustic Version) Buy
Overkill (Acoustic Version) Buy
Storm In My Heart Buy
Looking for Jack Buy
Don't Be Afraid (Previously Unreleased) Buy
It's A Mistake Buy
Waiting For My Real Life To Begin (Re-Release) Buy
To Have And To Hold (Previously Unreleased) Buy
Who Can It Be Now? (Acoustic Version) Buy
Be Good Johnny Buy
Love Is Innocent (Previously Unreleased) Buy
Down Under (2003 Version) Buy