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Man @ Work

LP is pressed on orange vinyl.

As frontman and principal songwriter for the smash group Men at Work, Colin Hay secured a place in pop music’s pantheon with a series of melodically infectious, invigorating singles marked by Hay’s instantly recognizable voice and perceptive, witty lyrics.

Man @ Work introduces the Hay of today: his voice aged to a warm, burnished tenor, his wits and musical acumen still sharp. Over the course of bittersweet new songs, revamped versions of solo favorites, and surprising, stripped-down versions of Men at Work classics, Hay reasserts himself as one of pop music’s most distinct and likable craftsmen.

Acoustic Vinyl Track Listing:

  1. Beautiful World (alternate mix)
  2. Down Under (acoustic version)
  3. Love Is Innocent (re-release)
  4. It's A Mistake (acoustic version/new recording)
  5. Waiting For My Real Life To Begin (re-release)
  6. Who Can It Be Now? (acoustic version)
  7. Overkill (acoustic version)
  8. I Can See It In Your Eyes (acoustic version/new recording)
  9. I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You (radio edit)
  10. Down By The Sea (acoustic version/new recording)

Man @ Work

Colin Hay

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FLAC $12.00
WAV $12.00
CD $15.00
Acoustic Vinyl LP $27.98

Track Listing

Beautiful World (Alternate Mix)
Down Under (Acoustic Version)
Overkill (Acoustic Version)
Storm In My Heart
Looking for Jack
Don't Be Afraid (Previously Unreleased)
It's A Mistake
Waiting For My Real Life To Begin (Re-Release)
To Have And To Hold (Previously Unreleased)
Who Can It Be Now? (Acoustic Version)
Be Good Johnny
Love Is Innocent (Previously Unreleased)
Down Under (2003 Version)