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Traditional Music Of Ireland


Traditional Music of Ireland (instrumental and vocal) A wonderful sampling of the cream of Irish and Irish-American musicians performing classics by O’Carolan and others.

Featuring Altan, Patrick Street, Cherish the Ladies and Moving Cloud, this Irish compilation from the Celtophile line is a great introduction to the intricacies of contemporary Irish playing. - All Music Guide

  1. Buttons and Bows - The Four Courts/Katie’s Fancy
  2. Patrick Street - William Taylor
  3. Cherish the Ladies - The Cameronian Set (Tha M’Intinn Raoir/Duke of Gordon/The Cameronian/Lady of the House)
  4. Joe Burke, Michael Cooney, & Terry Corcoran -Brian Boru’s March/Sporting Paddy/The Traveler
  5. Patrick Street - Loftus Jones
  6. Altan - An Cailín Gaelach
  7. Moving Cloud - Seanbhean Bhocht/Sweeney’s
  8. Touchstone - Cuach Mo Lonndubh Buí/The Three Sea Captains
  9. Matt Molloy and Seán Keane, with Arty McGlynn - The Sword in the Hand/The Providence Reel/The Old Bush
  10. Mick Moloney, Jimmy Keane, and Robbie O’Connell with Liz Carroll - There Were Roses
  11. Joanie Madden - Blind Mary
  12. Altan - Yellow Tinker/Lady Montgomery/The Merry Harriers

Traditional Music Of Ireland

Various Artists

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Track Listing

The Four Courts / Katie’s Fancy
William Taylor
The Cameronian Set
Brian Boru’s March / Sporting Paddy / The Traveler
Loftus Jones
An Cailín Gaelach
Seanbhean Bhocht / Sweeney’s
Cuach Mo Lonndubh Buí / The Three Sea Captains
The Sword In The Hand / The Providence Reel / The Old Bush
There Were Roses
Blind Mary
Yellow Tinker / Lady Montgomery / The Merry Harriers