Year Of The Dog

Hot on the heels of two hugely successful tours, Scottish Celtic rock band Wolfstone grabbed North America by the scruff of its neck with the release of Year Of The Dog. No group in recent memory has hit North American clubs, concert halls, and festivals and generated the kind of reaction Wolfstone has received. Harder rocking than ever, Year Of The Dog absolutely kicks with frenetic fiddling, sparkling piano, passionate vocals, and invigorating pipes, flutes, and whistles. This is the perfect mix of energized traditional music underlaid by grungy driving bass, electric guitar, and drums. The buzz has turned into a roar, or better yet a resounding howl, as Wolfstone continues to prove that they are one of the most engaging mobs of Celtic rock musicians ever to hit North America. Produced by Phil Cunningham, who also guests on several tracks.


Year Of The Dog


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Track Listing

Holy Ground Buy
Ballavanich Buy
The Sea King Buy
Brave Foot Soldiers Buy
Double Rise Set Buy
White Gown Buy
Morag's Reels Buy
Braes Of Sutherland Buy
Dinner's Set Buy