The Tailor's Choice

A wonderful mixture of tunes played as only the legendary Joe Burke can play them, mostly on flute, whistle and, of course, even some accordion. Joe has brought to the forefront the rich Galway flute tradition. Features Maire Ni Chathasaigh on harp and Brian Conway on fiddle.

The Tailor's Choice

Joe Burke

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Track Listing

Dark Woman Of The Glen (Air) Buy
The Mills Are Grinding/Paddy Doorhy's (Reels) Buy
Cuaichin Ghleann Neifinn/The Green Blanket (Air & Reel) Buy
Slow Strathspey: The Dean Brig Of Edinburgh Buy
Jack Coughlan's Fancy (Reel) Buy
The Coolin (Air) Buy
Sean Reid's Fancy/The Kerry Reel (Reels) Buy
Mama's Pet/The Tailor's Choice (Reels) Buy
Blind Mary (Air) Buy
The Humours Of Quarry Cross/Jackson's Bottle Of Brandy (Jigs) Buy
Roisin Dubh (Air) Buy
The Fort Of Kincora/Caroline O'Neill's (Hornpipes) Buy
Were You At The Rock (Air) Buy
The Limestone Rock/The Banshee Reel (Reels) Buy
O'Rahilly's Grave (Air) Buy