A proud celebration of Kate Rusby’s tenth anniversary as a performer -- part anthology, part revisionist history. Features rare recordings, live tracks, and illuminating, newly-recorded versions of audience favorites. Longtimes fans will be fascinated by Kate’s reapproaching of classic songs from her catalogue -- the new versions resonate with her growing confidence and adventurousness. New fans will be delighted to have so many of Rusby’s finest tunes in one superb collection.

"...something more than the usual retrospective." -- Rolling Stone

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Track Listing

The Recruited Collier (New Version) Buy
I Wish Buy
Over You Now Buy
The Sleepless Sailor (New Version) Buy
The Fairest of All Yarrow (New Version) Buy
I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love (New Version) Buy
Sweet Bride (Re-Mastered) Buy
The Maid of Llanwellyn (New Version) Buy
The Wild Goose (New Version) Buy
Sir Eglamore (Live) Buy
Night Visiting Song (Re-Mastered) Buy
Cowsong (Re-Mastered) Buy
Botany Bay (New Version) Buy
Drowned Lovers (Live) Buy
Bold Riley (Re-Mastered) Buy