Land Of Light

The Tannahill Weavers combine the subtle shadings of tender ballads with the raucous rhythms of Scottish dance music. Land of Light includes their now-classic "Bustles and Bonnets," the great song which describes the plight of endangered whales. This album, met with unanimous critical acclaim, is thought by many to be their finest.

Land Of Light

The Tannahill Weavers

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Track Listing

Land Of Light Buy
Lucy Cassidy/The Bletherskate/The Smith Of Chilliechassie Buy
The Scottish Settler's Lament Buy
Donald Mclean's Farewell To Oban/Dunrobin Castle/The Wise Maid/Iain's Jig Buy
The Rovin' Heilandman Buy
The Yellow Haired Laddie/Dream Angus Buy
The Queen Amang The Heather/Mairi Anne Macinnes Buy
Bustles And Bonnets Buy
The American Stranger Buy
Conan Bridge/Macbeth's Strathspey/Major David Manson/Mrs. Macpherson Of Inveran Buy