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Irish American fiddle master Liz Carroll and Irish guitar powerhouse John Doyle are among the most respected traditional musicians in Irish music today and the fact that their first duo recording is nothing short of brilliant is no surprise. The two have honed their repertoire on the road and on this studio release they captured both the electricity and lyrical nuances of their live show.

A Wall Street Journal Top 5 Celtic pick for 2005.

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CD $15.00

Track Listing

The Ronan Boys / Ralph's 2-3-5 (Reels) Buy
Northern Jig / The Box Man (Jigs) Buy
Rolling in the Barrel / The Laurel Tree / O'Rourke's (Reels) Buy
The Island of Woods (Air) Buy
Smokies in Arbroath / Mystery Writer / The Blessings of Gold (Reels) Buy
Kieran's Polka / The Bike to Ballyhahill (Polkas) Buy
Hunter's Moon / Getting There / The Morris Minor (Waltz & Reels) Buy
The Man with One Kidney / The Spy Czar (Hornpipes) Buy
Fremont Center / The "Vornado" / Minutemen (Reels) Buy
Dennehy Dancers / The McSweeney Side (Jigs) Buy
Ashleigh Roach's / With Ourselves / Wild Pitch (Reels) Buy
A Long Night on the Misty Moor (Air) Buy
Ceisel's Sword / The Monasteryedan Fancy (Reels) Buy