Firmly rooted in British Isles folk music, Kate Rusby is the most critically acclaimed new voice in the genre and the #1 selling traditional artist in the UK. Kate brings a contemporary flair to the music without "plugging in", and expands her tradition even while she cultivates it by writing new lyrics for ancient tunes and new melodies for old poems and songs. Musically, Kate's sound is characterized by her use of traditional instruments (uillean pipes, whistles, acoustic guitar and fiddle) -- a contrast to many of her contemporaries who play electric instruments and adopt a rock attitude.


Kate Rusby

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Track Listing

Sir Eglamore Buy
As I Roved Out Buy
Jolly Ploughboys Buy
Annan Waters Buy
Stananivy/Jack & Jill Buy
A Rose in April Buy
Radio Sweethearts Buy
I Am Stretched on Your Grave Buy
Old Man Time Buy
Drowned Lovers Buy
Bold Riley Buy