Grove Lane

Grove Lane showcases Derrane at the height of his creativity on the button accordion. The album was recorded at Derrane’s home on Grove Lane in Massachusetts—the home he and his wife Anne shared for 53 years before her passing in 2008—over a series of sessions with acoustic guitarist John McGann. Notable tracks include the original tango “Tango Derrane“ and the romantic ode “Waltzing with Anne” written in memory of his late wife.

Grove Lane firmly establishes Derrane as one of the great masters of the button accordion. No one sounds like Joe Derrane or has as significant an impact on the rising generation of aspiring button accordion virtuosos.

Grove Lane

Joe Derrane

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Track Listing

The Slate Roof / The Prayer Reel / Toss the Feathers (Reels) Buy
The Lost Jig / Breakfast with Jerry / Jackie Daly's (Jigs) Buy
Tango Derrane Buy
The Bantry Lasses / Molly on the Shore (Reels) Buy
The Autograph / The Low Level (Hornpipes) Buy
Paddy Reynolds' Dream / Russell's Mountain (Jigs) Buy
Fancy Free (Schottische) / Grove Lane (Barndance) Buy
Return to Miltown / Kit O'Connor's / Jackson's (Reels) Buy
Mac's Fancy / The Monaghan (Jigs) Buy
Waltzing with Anne Buy
Youghal Quay / Brosnan's / I'm Waiting for You (Reels) Buy
Gan Ainm / The Mooncoin (Jigs) Buy