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Windward Away

Scottish folk master and BBC Radio host Archie Fisher returns with an album over 10 years in the making! His new collection of songs Windward Away is a haunting collection of introspective ballads, evoking the wild and rough beauty of the Scottish Border country. Also included on this CD is The Missing Master, a set of bonus tracks from a 1980 recording that has not been released until now!

Windward Away

Archie Fisher

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Track Listing

Ontario Dust
Bonnie Border Lass
Windward Away
Surge Of The Sea
River And The Road
Shepherd On The Hill
Every Man's Heart
Ride Through The Rainbow
Speak Your Name
Before Eternity
Final Trawl
The Winter It Is Past
Silver Coin
Star Of Belle Isle
Ashfields And Brine
Eire Lingers
Cuillins Of Home
Joy Of My Heart