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Fast Moving Train – Single
Train songs have long been a staple in bluegrass music and finding a good one that sounds like it could have been around since Jimmie Rodgers’ day but is actually new is a rare gem. Missy Raines & Allegheny's “Fast Moving Train” is exactly that kind of song. It describes the lure of life as a traveler and the unrelenting longing to see what’s on the other side. It's all about the journey and not so much about the destination—with the hope that you're “gonna ride these blues away”.

The song was written by the extraordinary, multi-talented Shad Cobb. Missy says, "I first heard it while I was playing in the Helen Highwater Stringband with Shad, David Grier, and Mike Compton a few years back. I tucked it away in my mind as one of those songs I knew I wanted to sing one day and waited for the right time to bring it to life. That time is now! It came together so naturally with this band that it immediately fell into regular rotation on our setlist. We’re so excited to share it with everyone."

Fast Moving Train – Single

Missy Raines

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Fast Moving Train