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This New Morning

A master interpreter, Luka Bloom has continued to balance original songs with reinventions of tunes by a diverse range of songwriters. On THIS NEW MORNING, Bloom continues to shake up the folk genre with clever chord sequences and arrangements while still retaining folk’s core values of story-telling and commentary. Bloom is primarily known in Ireland as a solo guitar and mic man. Here, he has gathered together a Who’s Who from the Irish folk pantheon. THIS NEW MORNING sounds like a band album—and what a band: Glen Hansard, Donal Lunny, Iarla Ó Lionaird, Eimear Quinn, Steve Cooney and Conor Byrne. The playing is magnificent throughout. Bloom co-produced this record with his old sparring partner, Brian Masterson, and together they have created an album of outstanding beauty, sensitivity and fun.

Says Bloom, “In 1987 I came to America armed with guitars and songs, full of terror and excitement, in my determination to found an audience beyond the shores of Ireland. In 1990 Riverside was released and so began 22 years of recording and touring in the US. I have always been moved by the enthusiasm for my records and shows in America, and the release of This New Morning in the US is another chapter in a sweet relationship. This New Morning is different for me; feels different. Even the writing felt different. Never before had I written songs with so much urgency for the time we live in. By November 2011 this urgency told me to get a move on, and get this record done. I also knew that the songs were bigger than me; and so recruited the gifts of many of my very  favorite Irish singers and musicians. Glen Hansard, Rita Connolly, Donal Lunny, Steve Cooney are some of the legends who helped these songs realise their potential on this record.”


“That he scales such emotional heights with just his voice, a guitar and a bagful of heartfelt songs makes Bloom’s achievements even more remarkable.” —Hot Press (Ireland)

This New Morning

Luka Bloom

CD $15.00

Track Listing

How I Am To Be
A Seed Was Sown
Heart Man
Capture A Dream
This Race Runs Me
You Survive
Across The Breeze
Your Little Wings
Dignity and Backbone
The Ride
No Big Deal
You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time