The Last Rider

Ron Sexsmith’s status as one of the greatest songwriters of his generation has never been in doubt, even from the moment he released his self-titled major-label debut album in 1995. His career arc since then has in some ways been a study in how that pure ability has been handled in the studio. On his 12 albums, Sexsmith has worked with some of music’s most celebrated producers—Daniel Lanois, Mitchell Froom, Tchad Blake, Ray Kennedy, Martin Terefe, Bob Rock and Jim Scott. With all of that experience, it would stand to reason that Sexsmith has learned a thing or two over the years about how to make a record.

The Last Rider features 15 new Sexsmith original songs that are by turns happy, sad, romantic, bittersweet, uplifting, spiritual and witty. Recorded at The Bathouse studio on Lake Ontario near Toronto, sessions for the record were a marked change in approach from Sexsmith’s previous albums, as he recorded it with the musicians he knows best, his touring band—Don Kerr (Drums), Jason Mercer (Bass), Dave Matheson (Keyboards) and Kevin Lacroix (Guitar). The album was produced by Ron and Don Kerr, who have been friends and musical collaborators since they worked together as couriers in the late eighties.

“I think my sound has always been a combination of the folk singers and British invasion artists I’ve always admired,” says Ron. “At this point, it’s just second nature for me to write short, melodic songs that say everything you want to say. But having my band totally involved on this album maybe brought out more in the songs than on other recent albums. It felt special, anyway.”

Although Ron Sexsmith has more music to come that is sure to inspire us, for now The Last Rider is the latest addition to a body of work as impressive as any produced in the past quarter-century. Through truth and simplicity, Sexsmith’s songs help us get closer to the things that make us better people, meaning that an album like The Last Rider is as necessary now as anything he has ever done.

“Sexsmith has proven himself a storyteller and musician worthy of the praise he’s received.” —Paste

“Sexsmith’s voice, a potent mélange of Jackson Browne, Tim Hardin and John Hiatt, ekes out every last nuance of melody, but with a seamless, almost conversational effortlessness.”  —David Sheppard, BBC

“Sexsmith confirms his place as artist’s favourite.” —Q Magazine

“Makes a case of the deep blues sound sweet.” —NPR All Things Considered
“His best compositions [have] the feel of timelessness…” —AllMusic

Vinyl 2-LP track list:

  1. It Won’t Last for Long
  2. Our Way
  3. Breakfast Ethereal
  4. Worried Song
  5. West Gwillimbury
  6. Who We Are Right Now
  7. Shoreline
  8. Dead End Dream
  9. Evergreen
  10. Upward Dog
  11. Only Trouble Is
  12. Radio
  13. All This Love (Bonus Track)
  14. Every Last One
  15. Dreams are Bigger
  16. Man at the Gate (1913)

The Last Rider

Ron Sexsmith

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Worried Song Buy
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Who We Are Right Now Buy
Shoreline Buy
Dead End Dream Buy
Evergreen Buy
Upward Dog Buy
Only Trouble Is Buy
Radio Buy
Every Last One Buy
Dreams Are Bigger Buy
Man At The Gate (1913) Buy