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The Best of Fiddle Fever - Russ Barenberg

The Best of Fiddle Fever - Russ Barenberg

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This 21-track anthology brings together the best recordings by Fiddle Fever from the two albums they recorded for Flying Fish, oringially issued in 1981 and 1984. The album includes the original recording of fiddler Jay Ungar's popular "Ashokan Farewell," which became the theme song for the PBS series, The Civil War. The band includes Russ Barenberg, guitar, fiddle, percussion, mandolin; Matt Glaser, fiddle, piano; Molly Mason, vocals, bass, guitar; Evan Stover, fiddle, viola and Jay Ungar, fiddle, mandolin. Featured guests include Tony Trischka on banjo.

1) Big John McNeal
2) Roxanna Waltz and Scotland
3) Calling Jesse
4) Party for the Old Folks
5) Daybreak in the Mountains
6) You Low Down Dirty Dog
7) The Rags
8) MacPherson's Fiddle and MacPherson's Strut
9) Melt Down at Indian Point
10) The Sidewalks of New York
11) Staying all Night and Going to the Barndance
12) Snowbird in the Ashbank
13) Waltz of the Wind
14) Contranova
15) Ashokan Farewell
16) Vladimir's Steamboat
17) Whitesburg
18) Poto and Cabengo
19) Old Fashioned Love
20) Look South
21) Icelandic Hymn