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Skip, Hop & Wobble - Russ Barenberg

Skip, Hop & Wobble - Russ Barenberg

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In this landmark 1993 Sugar Hill release, Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, and Edgar Meyer are all at the top of their game as players and composers. The beauty of this project lies in the participants' capacity to transcend mere prowess and come up with something truly collaborative. Also featuring Sam Bush on two cuts.

1) Big Bug Shuffle
2) Why Don't You Go Back to the Woods
3) The Hymn of Ordinary Motion
4) From Ankara to Izmir
5) The Travels of Mr. Hulot
6) Big Sclota
7) Squeezy Pig
8) Monkey Bay
9) The Years Between
10) The Earl of Hyndford/ Open The Present
11) Here on Earth