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No Depression, Innovate

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No Depression started its life as a quarterly print magazine in 1995, fueled by its founding editors’ passion for alt-country music and long-form journalism. Over the course of its first print run, it helped solidify the importance of Americana and roots music on the national stage. In the years since, No Depression has developed a robust web publication, publishing long features, honest criticism, and weekly columns in addition to its wealth of community-driven content. In 2015, to celebrate the publication’s 20th anniversary, the FreshGrass Foundation brought it back to print as a high-end, ad-free, quarterly journal focused once again on long-form music journalism.
The influence of technology on music has always guided the industry — from the importance of the radio to current means of digital crowdfunding. The Fall-Winter 2018 issue of No Depression will explore past innovations that shaped how we consume roots music, present trends in how we experience it, and the future of musical pioneers and their sonic inventions.

Included in this issue:

    • Wilco and the use of technology on Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    • The history of the dreadnought guitar
    • The influence of the parlor piano
    • Tim Easton on recording his new record direct to lacquer
    • Radio Bristol
    • Willie Watson
    • Nikki Lane
    • The rise of online music lessons
    • Buffy Sainte-Marie
    • Anna & Elizabeth
    • Outlaws & Armadillos at the Country Music Hall of Fame
    • Profiles on Gaelynn Lea, Flor de Toloache, and Jeremy Dutcher



    • Archival photos from the Rock County Historical Society
    • Original illustrations by Scott Nurkin and Caitlin McDonagh
    • Design by Marcus Amaker