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No Depression, All Together Now: Winter 2020

No Depression, All Together Now: Winter 2020

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The spirit of collaboration is a rich tradition in roots music, from songwriting to recording and live performances. But even sitting around a campfire away from stages and spotlights (or navigating virtual terrains in quarantine), roots music is often the soundtrack to what brings us together. The Winter 2020 issue of No Depression highlights the multitude of ways that roots musicians collaborate and why this music in particular thrives on community.

Included in this issue:
  • 25 Years of No Depression, All Together Now
  • From Backing Band to Headline Act: The Texas Gentlemen found themselves through working with others - Joshua M. Miller
  • A Place at the Table: 'Dungeons & Dragons' offers musicians a collaborative, creative outlet - Stacy Chandler
  • Preserving Tradition: The Field Recorders' Collective unearths old-time recordings and reconnects communities - Noah Berlatsky
  • Inside the Fort: How the Newport Folk Festival builds on its legacy by celebrating and challenging its community - Hilary Hughes
  • Musical Exchange: Chris Thile navigates crossovers, collaborations, and the pursuit of creative freedom - Courtney E. Smith
  • Joining Forces: Co-writing sharpens songwriters' skills and broadens their perspectives - Laura Scholz
  • Reaching Across Time and Tradition - Lily Henley
  • Word Warrior: Poet and songwriter Gil Scott-Heron's lasting influence - Greg Cahill
  • Showing Up With Song: The Resistance Revival Chorus takes action with art and activism - Kimberly Mack
  • Family Tradition: Richard Thompson and Teddy Thompson on making music together - Will Hodge
  • Reaching Out: How a DM led to an album for Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams - Hilary Saunders
  • Pinhole Perspective - Kate Stables (This Is The Kit)
  • On Location: Esmé Patterson goes local for music videos to share with the world - Katie Moulton
  • Screen Door: Music and the Power to Change - Raul Malo (The Mavericks)
    • Original cover art by Aurélia Durand
    • Original photography by Anthony Mulcahy
    • Original pinhole photography by Kate Stables (This Is The Kit)
    • Original illustration by Julia Fletcher