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Halloween Rehearsal - Russ Barenberg

Halloween Rehearsal - Russ Barenberg

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Includes Russ's first two Rounder albums in their entirety: Cowboy Calypso (1979) and Behind the Melodies (1983). Highly influential recordings revealing Russ's gifts for composition, lyrical playing and rich arrangements. Featuring Tony Trischka, Jerry Douglas, Andy Statman, Matt Glaser, John Miller and others.

1) Cowboy Calypso
2) Goodbye Eddy Street
3) Gimmicks Ahoy
4) Suave de Samba
5) Cooley's Reef
6) Walking with You
7) Flabston and Chubby Go South
8) Stringsong
9) You Say You Care
10) You Left the Islands Laughing
11) The Llama's Dance
12) Halloween Rehearsal
13) Another Prairie
14) A Touch of the Hidalgo
15) Many Years Ago
16) The Cola Calypso
17) Without Words
18) The Invisible Choir
19) For J.I.