El Agua de la Vida

They said it couldn’t be done. They called them madmen. "You can’t combine hardcore Cuban salsa with traditional Celtic songs and instrumentation," the pundits and wags shouted from the balconey.

Well, over the course of several albums and innumerable performances, the 11-piece Scotland-based Salsa Celtica did what they said couldn’t be done. Not only do their primary influences blend together like Bailey’s and Cuban coffee, their bold fusion points the way at new rhythmic and sonic possibilities for both genres.

Like nothing else you’ll hear this year, Salsa Celtica’s US debut El Agua De La Vida is a pioneering, seamless hybrid of Latin and European...just listen...

El Agua de la Vida

Salsa Celtica

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Track Listing

El Agua de la Vida Buy
Cumbia Celtica Buy
El Sol de la Noche Buy
Guajira Sin Sol Buy
Whisky con Ron Buy
Ave Maria de Escocia Medley Buy
Maestro Buy
Adios Adios Buy
Auld Lang Syne Buy