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20 Bluegrass Guitar Solos - Russ Barenberg

20 Bluegrass Guitar Solos - Russ Barenberg

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From Homespun Tapes:
Russ has compiled twenty solos in the bluegrass tradition -- fiddle tunes, contemporary instrumentals and breaks for songs -- that are moderately challenging but not too difficult for the average guitarist. While learning these pieces, Russ helps you develop solid flatpick guitar technique, build a repertoire of great tunes, and get ready to solo in a band.

Soldier's Joy
Little Annie
The Eighth of January
Hot Corn, Cold Corn
Blackberry Blossom
Down Yonder
Leather Britches
Molly & Tenbrook
John Hardy
Fisher's Hornpipe
Forked Deer
Opera Reel
Temperance Reel
St. Anne's Reel
Red-Haired Boy

CD plus 32-page music + tab book