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Contemporary Scottish harp with fiddle, guitar, bass and strings.

2007 Scottish Traditional Music Awards 'Instrumentalist of the Year'!

2007 Scottish Traditional Awards 'Instrumentalist of the Year' Catriona McKay’s new solo CD, Starfish, is a gorgeous and mesmerizing album of adventurous and mysterious contemporary Scottish music that features the harp on noticeable lead. Catriona's music blends elements of folk, jazz, classical, and Scottish traditional music and presents a delightfully sexy exploration of the limits of the Celtic harp. On Starfish, Catriona is backed by solid guitar, fiddle, bass, and string work, as well as subtle electronic treatments.

Well known on the Scottish music scene as a member of the leading Shetland band Fiddlers’ Bid, Catriona McKay has recently begun touring in the US and has been featured at several key festivals including Boston's Irish Connections and Milwaukee's Irish Fest. She is a fearless contemporary explorer on the Scottish harp, having collaborated with a wide array of folk, jazz, classical and experimental artists, as well as co-designing the new Starfish McKay harp, featuring an alternative tuning pattern and featured extensively on Starfish.

Featuring Donald Grant, Fionan "Fionomena" De Barra, Matt Baker, Alistair MacDonald, Seamus Egan, and Red Skies.


"While Scottish influences are recognizable on several tracks, this is a recording of modern harp music...Adventurous and original from cover to closing chord, Starfish breaks the mould in many places - an inspired achievement."
- The Living Tradition (UK)

"Scottish harpist Catriona McKay’s latest collection
Starfish is a thing of extraordinary beauty. Layered delights reveal themselves with each successive exposure: a sure recipe for longevity."
- The Irish Times (Ireland)

"Lovers of instrumental world music or radio disc jockeys wanting some refreshing instrumental fusion could do no better than this captivating album." - WWPV Radio

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Track Listing

Forest Baby
Swan LK243
Cape of Good Hope
Sand Dollar
Lums O' Lund
Little Impulse
Aval Moon