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Prodigal Son

Featuring special guests Jackson Browne, Kate Rusby, Kellie While, Danny Thompson, Andy Cutting, Alistair Anderson and Barry Philips.

With Prodigal Son, Martin Simpson has made what is undoubtedly his finest recording to date. The album reflects the full breadth of his creativity, drawing on both British and American traditions as well as including several of his own outstanding compositions.

Many of Martin's good friends and favorite artists appear with him on the album, including Jackson Browne, who adds a perfect harmony vocal to Martin's beautiful version of Randy Newman's "Louisiana 1927." Kate Rusby and Kellie While sing sublime harmonies on two of the tracks "Never Any Good" [Martin's song for his father] and "Batchelors Hall." The album is further enhanced by Danny Thompson on bass, Andy Cutting on accordion, Alistair Anderson on concertina and Northumbrian pipes and Barry Philips on cello.

Martin’s playing deploys a control of pace and dynamics that touches the heart, like the best music, irrespective of whether the listener has a bit of Lincolnshire, Mississippi, or Ganges beneath their manicured or careworn nails. In his playing he focuses upon economy and how to make each note pay. Listen to him playing now and you will hear how he measures not only the impact and length of each note, but, tellingly how he delivers the space that frames each note.


BBC Musician Of The Year (for the second time) awarded to Martin Simpson - BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2004

"His performances elicit powerful emotions and subtle, understated beauty".
- Guitar Player Magazine

"Distinctive coiled-spring beauty and power....A revelation.....Exquisitely at one with the All-English repertoire.....A master".

Prodigal Son

Martin Simpson

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She Slips Away Buy
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Mother Love Buy
Little Musgrave Buy
A Love Letter Buy
Duncan & Brady Buy
Never Any Good Buy
Good Morning Mr. Railroad Man Buy
Louisiana 1927 Buy
La Rivolte Buy
Andrew Lammie Buy
Kit's Tune / When a Knight Won His Spurs Buy