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Farmer Not So John

"Songs unfold with a languid, sunbaked beauty...a cohesive, mature sound." - Pulse

"This self titled debut album bodes a most promising future for this group. It is country flavored and based, with rock roots and rhythms. There is a strong feeling of southern rock, that has been influenced by northern city sensibilities, in our shrinking world. Even if there is no specific name for this, it is still a disc that will have a wide appeal for it's lyric content, melodies, and solid sound. They have a gem, with great feel for the songs they pen, in Richard McLaurin. He handles the mandolin, lap steel, and dobro chores, along with a few other instruments. The songs have good lyric content that reminds me a bit of Bruce Cockburn. A real keeper is the opening cut "Fire In the Valley," penned by Mack Linebaugh, who wrote, or shared writing of 9 of the 11 tunes with Brian Ray and the rest of the band. This is a most solid effort that goes beyond the boundaries of a debut album. It has hat quality that holds promises of a long and distinctive constantly improving group." - Bob Gottlieb

Farmer Not So John

Farmer Not So John

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Track Listing

Fire in the Valley
Rusty Weathervane
Every Street in Nashville
Of Angels
Fool's Lullaby
Paperweight of the World
The Hole We're In
Sacred Cow
This is Our House
Travelin' Fool