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The New Shoes

For her spring 2007 Compass Records release entitled The New Shoes, Nuala Kennedy has assembled a new band by the same name, and together they have captured a wonderful collection of traditional music with an excitingly fresh feel. Brought together when producer Bob Kenyan asked Kennedy to put together a band of musicians for a Gaelic television show, their rich and luscious sounds bear testimony to the creative imagination and depth of experience harnessed in this ensemble. Featuring the virtuosic talents of Marc Clement (guitar/vocals), Julian Sutton (melodeons) and Claire Mann (fiddle/flute/whistle/vocals), The New Shoes begins with a rousing jig that sets a level of musicianship that is sustained throughout the record. Where Kennedy's apt flute playing is made obvious in the first track, "The Pink Flamingo." Then, listeners get a taste of her startlingly focused and beautiful vocal timbre in "Cait i nGarrain a Bhile." Other highlights include the swinging "Highlands and Islands" and the closing title track, "The New Shoes," with its complex and upbeat melodies filled with wonderful tension and resolution.

The New Shoes

Nuala Kennedy

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Track Listing

The New Shoes
The Pink Flamingo
Hop Jigs
Dolphin School
The Groves Of Donaghmore
Over To Brittany
Erin on the Rhine
Highlands and Islands
A Bhean Ud Thios
Nuala & Jane