Live In Concert

A tremendous night of live music in Philadelphia, and the very best moments are captured here. Green Fields of America sports an all-star lineup of Irish talent: Mick Moloney, Robbie O’Connell, Jimmy Keane, Eileen Ivers, Seamus Egan, and champion stepdancers Donny and Eileen Golden. This is an album as live and uplifting as you can get.

MP3/320 $10.00
CD $15.00

Track Listing

The Kerry Jig/Seamus Cooley's/Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore/Sligo Jack/Redican's Buy
Kikelly Buy
Medley of Reels: The Maids Of Galaway/The Reel of Rio/Coyne's/Return to Miltown/Hunting the Boyne/Return of the Maids Buy
An Gaoth Andheas (The South Wind) Buy
A Tribute To Ed Reavy-Fling: Lovely Bannion/Jig: Both Meat and Dhrink/Hornpipe: The Fiddler's Wife/Reel: The Ceilier/Reel: Maudebawn Chapel/Reel: The Hunter's House Buy
Reynardine Buy
Stick To The Craythur Buy
Reels: Gan Ainm/Walsh's/The Bucks of Oranmore Buy