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Stumpjumper is the exciting Red House debut from Charlie Parr! His first album featuring a backing band bringing a new energy and driving groove to this cool collection of songs. Parr's blistering finger-picking and gritty, soulful vocals deliver his 11 originals as well as his take on the classic murder ballad, "Delia." Recorded in North Carolina with Phil Cook (Megafaun, Hiss Golden Messenger) Stumpjumper is Charlie's first album recorded outside of Minnesota and reflects the rural environment that surrounded the sessions. Available as MP3 download, CD, and vinyl!


Charlie Parr

CD $15.00
LP $24.98

Track Listing

Evil Companion
Empty Out Your Pockets
Remember Me If I Forget
On Marrying a Woman with an Uncontrollable Temper
Over the Red Cedar
Temperance River Blues
Frank Miller Blues